A Naples Tradition

I am not normally a fan of the Blizzard of the Month nor do I normally run to Dairy Queen to try it right away. When I visit Dairy Queen, a Blizzard is… Continue reading

Labstah Labstah

Sometimes you try a restaurant for the first time and you really just don’t like it. It may not be too bad but, it just wasn’t what you were expecting. Every so often,… Continue reading

Best Sub E V E R

The best sub I have ever had came from Penn Station East Coast Subs in Cincinnati. Oh. My. Gosh. Amazing. Delicious. Spectacular. Words cannot truly describe how great this sub is. The first… Continue reading

Best Wings USA

I have often times seen food shows displaying Quaker Steak and Lube but, until our recent trip to Cincinnati, had never eaten at one. Quaker Steak is known for their wings and boast… Continue reading

Still a Skyline Girl at Heart

Howdy readers! I have been back from Cincinnati for about 2 weeks now but have yet to put a post up from my eats. So, since I have so many delectable eats to… Continue reading

A Blast from the Past

One of my favorite sweet type items from the past, are Chocolate Italian Ices. During my many years of summer camp field trips, we frequented the Golden Gate Pool here in Naples, FL.… Continue reading

How I Love…Chipotle

Chipotle. The word states it all. I feel a sincere love towards the food at Chipotle. I love every single thing about Chipotle. We finally got one in Naples a few short months… Continue reading

How Do I Always Get Behind?

Oh. My. Gosh. I am very behind on posts! I have had a few ready to go but have simply not posted them up. This needs to be changed right away! Ideally, I… Continue reading

Friday Quickie

I have decided to do a Friday Quickie this week in anticipation of my food weekend to come. We will be heading up to Venice, FL on Saturday for a BBQ Competition and… Continue reading

It’s Time for a Skyline Call to the Bullpen!

I always feel as if I am up to date with my posts and then I realize I am terribly behind! I believe the biggest reason for this is the fact that I… Continue reading