Jan 10th a Few Hours Late

First off…my apologies for not posting this last night! If I don’t post right after dinner, I lose track of time and just end up not posting. I was tired and in a… Continue reading

Stinky Saturday the 9th of Jan

Today was a stinky and miserable day outside. I think we got up to a high of 42. I did not see the sun once today. It was cloudy, rainy and absolutely freezing… Continue reading

Finally Friday the 8th

Friday has finally arrived. This week seemed to have gone by super slow and was really no fun at all. We are expecting a miserable weekend of weather here in Naples. Ugh. I… Continue reading

My Apologies!!!

First off, I must start with My Apologies of not posting last night!!! I laid down and was out. Felt totally miserable. I feel like I am getting a cold in my chest… Continue reading

Wise Men Still Seek Him!

First of all, Fudge is doing great! I stayed up pretty much all night last night just watching her sleep because I was so nervous!!! Took her to the vet today. They did… Continue reading

Day 5 Quickie

I am having a bit of a pet emergency. Fudge, one of our Corgis, seems to have something stuck in her throat. I have been working on her for past 30 mins and… Continue reading

Sunday Jan 4th, Day 4

So, once again I forgot to take pictures of dinner! After I had almost finished eating, I said “Nutsie, I forgot to take pictures!” Urgh…why do I always forget?!? I need to leave… Continue reading

Day Three

Hello Everyone and welcome back. I am going to start off with talking about the Mountain Dew I bought and drank today. I first saw them in Publix a few days ago and… Continue reading

Day Dos

Hello all. Today is day two. I’m not sure how long I will keep my titles as the days or even how long I will continue to mention the days. Perhaps a few… Continue reading

Day One

Merry New Year to All. It seems as if everyone is very happy that 2009 has come to an end and we have begun a new decade. I don’t recall any big upset… Continue reading