Case in Point

I’m all for fundraisers and donating to those less fortunate.  I really am.  Ask anyone about me, and they will say that I am a pretty giving person.  I put everyone’s needs before my own – almost to it being an actual fault.  I do have a lot of beef though, with school fundraisers that just suck.  Case in Point – Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraiser.  At items that cost $15 a pop, and Taylor’s group requiring at least 3 to be sold, it is an easy way to be out 45 bucks.  Plus, if you recall from this post, the cookies are really bad.  This year, I opted to order 3 totally different items…the Cinnamon-Apple Cake, Chocolate Croissants and Soft Pretzels.  We gave the Cake and Croissants to some family friends but, I opted to keep the pretzels.  Boy was that a bad idea.


The first thing that shocked me, was the fact that these pretzels have 230 calories…each.  The normal soft-pretzels I buy at Publix are 100 and change.  230?  Really?  Was this pretzel really going to be worth a 30 minute run?  I removed the pretzel from the box and found it to be normal in size.  I placed it in the microwave, followed the cooking directions and waited.  I did not add any salt to the pretzel or cinnamon – yes, the box did contain both.  After allowing it to cool for a few moments, I broke a piece off and tried it out.


Yuck – it was not good at all.  As I chewed this first piece, the dough became so heavy and overwhelming in my mouth.  It was like trying to eat that last piece of bread when you body is already overly stuffed.  The mixture of the gag-reflex and the heavy mouth feeling, was simply overwhelming.  Besides the fact that my mouth had gained 5 pounds, the flavor was just awful.  I mean, totally awful.  This did not taste like a pretzel at all.  The flavor was more along the lines of stale white bread – two things that should never mix.  As I proceeded to eat the pretzel, neither the flavor nor the consistency got any better.  About half way through, I had to call it quits.

So thanks to Otis Spunkmeyer, I had some of the worst soft pretzels ever for a whopping $15 dollars.  I still have the entire box of pretzels in the fridge and really need to decide what to do with them…I will probably end up bringing them to work.  Often times, I figure it is just me and my weird eating habits, when it comes to foods I don’t like.  But, I will be truly shocked & amazed if anyone enjoys heavy-mouth-stale-bread-flavored pretzels.  Sure, it was really nice of me to help out the school but, Case in Point – $15 pretzels, from a guy who makes cookies, are simply no bueno.