The Best Enchiladas in the Entire World

Yes, that title does carry a lot of weight to it.  I realize this.  I am ready to take on the challenge of this statement in the best way possible.  The Best Enchiladas in the Entire World come from Monte Alban Restaurant in Blairsville, GA.  How is it possible that the best enchiladas come from a mountain town?  I don’t know but they do and I love them so.

One of my go-to places in Blairsville is Monte Alban Restaurant.  I always order the same thing when visiting and I have yet to be disappointed.  My order is the Enchiladas Supremes which consists of One Ground Beef, One Chicken, One Bean and One Cheese Enchilada.  The enchiladas are served with a topping of red sauce & cheese along with some lettuce & sour cream.  And all of this comes to you for the low, low price of only $8.95.  Amazing.  Spectacular.  Incredible.

We went to Monte Alban the evening of our arrival in Blairsville.  I was beyond ready to sink my teeth into the great flavors of these enchiladas.  I ordered my enchiladas and anxiously awaited for them to arrive.  I enjoyed some chips and salsa in the interim.  I did not care for the salsa but, the chips were crispy and warm.  I was buzzing with anticipation as I saw the waiter bring out our plates and was jumping for joy when my enchiladas got placed in front of me.

The enchiladas looked and smelled just as good as I remembered them.  I briefly peeked inside each one so that I could find the bean and cheese enchiladas…these are my favorite and I wanted to save them for the end.  I began to cut into the ground beef enchilada first and found that it was full to the brim with filling.  These enchiladas have corn tortillas, and while I normally prefer flour, these tortillas are very taste and hold up to all of the fillings.  The ground beef enchilada had great flavor and the beef itself tasted very fresh.  There was no sodium taste of seasoning at all and the ground beef meshed well with the tortilla, cheese and red sauce.  In each bite, I also include a bit of sour cream and lettuce.  The combination of all of this make these very yummy.

I next moved to the chicken enchilada and ate this with the ground beef enchilada.  The chicken inside was shredded and there was just a ton of it.  Once again, the chicken had flavor but was not overflowing with sodium/fake seasoning taste.  The chicken was very moist and paired well with the shell and toppings.  The red sauce is mild in flavor and does not saturate the enchiladas.  Once I knocked out the ground beef and chicken enchiladas, I moved onto the bean and cheese.  The entire enchilada plate is very large and quite filling.  Of course, I am prepared to eat when I want to eat so I was not concerned in the least.

I cut into the bean and cheese enchiladas and ate them together.  The beans inside were very smooth in consistency and did not have a lot of large chunks in them.  They were flavorful but the seasoning did not overpower the natural flavors of the beans.  The cheese enchiladas was full of cheese, all melted and oozy.  The beans and cheese mixed with the red sauce, is really great.  These enchiladas tasted even better once I added on some sour cream and lettuce.  The coolness of the sour cream & lettuce mixed with the warmth of the tortillas and fillings, create a perfect harmony in my mouth.  Overall Rating:  10/10.

The flavors of these enchiladas are just hands down, awesome.  Every ingredient is fresh and delicious.  There is never a bite with an unequal amount of filling or a funny flavor.  Every single bite is just better than the last.  I am so happy that I found these enchiladas but bummed that I only get to enjoy them once a year.  Why can’t all Mexican Restaurants produce food as delicious and as inexpensive as this?  Hands down, these are the best enchiladas in the entire world.  Get in your car, drive to Blairsville and get some enchiladas. 


PS – I apologize for the lack of photo.  I thought I took a photo of these amazing beings but, obviously I didn’t.  Very Sad.