Candy We Call Corn

As we continue with our journey of testing out a number of Halloween/Fall based products, we must realize that some of them will be complete failures.  Not everything will be quite as amazing as the Pumpkin Donut or the famed PSL (which by the way, I liked way before it was popular however, I find it now to be a gross sugary mess).  Some of these items, like the famous Candy We Call Corn, is simply just not good.  I have tried Candy Corn maybe 3 or 4 times in my lifetime, total.  I have always wanted to like it – the smell is divine and the colors, so fun – but, I have never liked it.  I’ve tried letting it melt in my mouth and chewing it and neither has yielded great results.  Well, our friends over at M&Ms decided to mix in Candy Corn and White Chocolate to create these White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms…

…And, they are somewhat of a fail.  I believe these were out last year however, I ran across them for the first time this year.  Over the weekend, I decided to get a bag and try them out.  As I cut open the bag, I was hit with the delicious smell of not only Candy Corn but, White Chocolate as well.  White Chocolate may not be real chocolate but, to me, it is pretty divine anyways.  And the smell?  Delish.  Contained within the bag, were M&Ms of traditional Candy Corn colors.  The M&Ms were similar in size to Peanut or Peanut Butter M&Ms and there was a bit of variance with them.  After basking in the smells for a few moments, I decided it was time to sample.  I dug right in.

My first M&M, I put in my mouth and chewed it.  The very first thing I noticed was that the inside consistency, was exactly like Candy Corn – chewy & stick-to-your-teeth.  After only trying this M&M, I really couldn’t pinpoint what the flavor was.  I decided to try another and to also bite into one.  As I bit into one, I found the interior to be completely white in color and a bit chewy.  It was almost as if the white chocolate was covering the Candy Corn interior.  Perhaps this was the intention?  Or, perhaps I was way off and just trying to create an intention?

Whatever the intention was or wasn’t, these were unlike any M&M that I have ever had.  While I found the flavor to be a good mix of white chocolate and Candy Corn, I also found it to be beyond sweet.  After a total of 6 M&Ms, I was pretty much over these.  I don’t know how you would ever be able to eat more than this at one time.  Indeed the colors are fun, and these taste exactly as I was expecting…something that doesn’t seem to happen all too often.

Now, I find myself with an entire bag of White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms and no real desire to have any more.  I really wish they would have sold them in smaller bags as to avoid any waste.  Taylor tried some of these and agreed – very, very sweet.  I don’t really think I have any desire to have any others however, I wouldn’t be surprised if I try another 6 or so before bringing them to work.  I appreciate what M&Ms were trying to do here and, I do give them props.  Far too often candy companies just throw some Halloween graphics on their bag and call it a day.  But, for the fine folks over at the M&M Factory, they decided to take that Candy We Call Corn and mix it in with some Chocolate Known as White.  Unlucky for us, the result was No Candy We Crave.