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Wise Men Still Seek Him!

First of all, Fudge is doing great! I stayed up pretty much all night last night just watching her sleep because I was so nervous!!! Took her to the vet today. They did… Continue reading

Day 5 Quickie

I am having a bit of a pet emergency. Fudge, one of our Corgis, seems to have something stuck in her throat. I have been working on her for past 30 mins and… Continue reading

Sunday Jan 4th, Day 4

So, once again I forgot to take pictures of dinner! After I had almost finished eating, I said “Nutsie, I forgot to take pictures!” Urgh…why do I always forget?!? I need to leave… Continue reading

Day Three

Hello Everyone and welcome back. I am going to start off with talking about the Mountain Dew I bought and drank today. I first saw them in Publix a few days ago and… Continue reading

Day Dos

Hello all. Today is day two. I’m not sure how long I will keep my titles as the days or even how long I will continue to mention the days. Perhaps a few… Continue reading

Day One

Merry New Year to All. It seems as if everyone is very happy that 2009 has come to an end and we have begun a new decade. I don’t recall any big upset… Continue reading

Welcome All

Hello and Welcome to All. Thank you for visiting Grandma’s Backyard. I know you will most def. be coming back again. As 2009 comes to an end and 2010 is about to begin,… Continue reading