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I am well overdo for a new post! I am planning on writing reviews on Chick-fil-A breakfast but, I do not currently have the pictures with me. I would love to include the… Continue reading

New Year, Lots of Food

Happy New Year to All! I haven’t posted since November which I can not believe! The New Year Holiday was somewhat boring as was Christmas. My grandparents were in town for Christmas so… Continue reading

Turkey Day

Merry Thanksgiving. Today is my least favorite holiday. There is nothing about Thanksgiving that I like. I don’t really care for any of your ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving foods. I don’t like the fact that… Continue reading

Michelbobs Ribs Review

This post should have images with it. All of my posts should have images with them. But sadly, they don’t. I need to get back in the habit of bringing my camera with… Continue reading

Epic Fail

Epic Fail. That is what my experience at Wendy’s was on Friday night. Ugh. So as you all know, I was very excited to get to try Wendy’s new fries. For no other… Continue reading

New Scam

So whenever a ‘new’ food item comes out at a Fast Food place, there is tons and tons of hype. Many times, the ‘new’ item is an old item revamped or an item… Continue reading

Cheeseburger in Paradise Review

So on Saturday night, 11/6/10, my mom and I went to Cheeseburger in Paradise. We have eaten at a CIP once before but it was in Cincinnati. This CIP was in Ft. Myers.… Continue reading

Happy Meal

So I took Fudge to the eye doctor yesterday to get her cherry eye examined. She was pretty well behaved at the doctor. I did have to carry her in because she refused… Continue reading

A New Start

So I haven’t posted on here in ages. Ages. Ages. I want to really start blogging again…my food and my life. So here it is. A New Start. I recently left Vineyards Park.… Continue reading


OMG…I can’t believe the last time I posted was in February! That is crazy and totally unacceptable. I don’t know why I stopped posting…it just kind of happened. Lately, I have been totally… Continue reading