Bad, Frustrating Day Feb 4

I had a very bad and frustrating day today. So the blog is going to suck because I am in a bad mood. Breakfast: Myoplex Morning Snack: Simply Orange, OJ Lunch: MF Chicken… Continue reading

Willow Wednesday Feb 3

I would say that I will probably title this entire month as Feb instead of February. I don’t like typing out the word February. Something about it is just a big pain in… Continue reading

Still Hungry…Tuesday Feb 2

So I am still hungry. I am trying to convince myself that I’m not…but…I most certainly am. At dinner tonight, my Mom asked me if anyone is reading this. I’m not sure if… Continue reading

Monday Feb 1

It is February. Finally. January went by pretty fast besides the final week. The final week felt as if it took an entire week to go by. Superbowl is this weekend and next… Continue reading

Busy Times…Friday Jan 29 – Sunday Jan 31

Hello my Loyal Followers. Are you out there? Is anyone actually reading this? Probably not but it’s all good. This weekend was quite busy which is why I am posting all of it… Continue reading

Today is Still Not Over…Thursday Jan 28th 2010

So today is still not over. Feels like it should be 2am by now. The day is just creeping by. I am so ready for this weekend to begin. Breakfast was Myoplex. Morning… Continue reading

Slow Wednesday the 27th

So this month has flown by but, this week, has crept by with ever increasing slowness. (Should probably be said as with ever decreasing speed). So slow. Its quite horrible. Today’s food was… Continue reading

I’m Back…Tuesday Jan 26th

After a short intermission, for reasons we will not discuss, I am back. And that’s what is important. January is almost done! Spring Training is almost right around the corner. That makes me… Continue reading


I apologize for the lack of writing the past few days. It is better if we don’t get into the reasons why. Regular posts will resume tomorrow, Tuesday January 26th. Stay tuned. Peace.

Thursday Jan 21st

Feeling not so great so this is going to be short and sweet. Sorry. Breakfast was Myoplex. Morning snack was oatmeal raisin Chewy bar. Lunch was normal…Morningstar Farms chicken patty with American Cheese… Continue reading