OMG! Wednesday Jan 20th

OMG…I once again forgot to post last night! Urgh! I really need to get back on my schedule. My entire life schedule is off right now. Hoping to be 100% back on it… Continue reading

Gotta Get Back on Track…Jan 19

After this post, I will be all caught up. I must get back on track. While I try to sleep at night, my head can not shut down because I know I have… Continue reading

Regulation Size Jan 17th and 18th

Okay…so as promised, a regulation sized version of Sunday Jan 17th and Monday Jan 18th! And of course, today will be coming up after this… Sunday Jan 17th: Breakfast was a Myoplex shake.… Continue reading

Quick One Hitter of the Weekend, Jan 18 and 19

I have been such a horrible poster! Not only did I not post Sunday night but I didn’t post Monday night either! This will just be a quick one hitter on the two… Continue reading

Sucky Saturday the 16th

So today was a pretty Sucky Saturday. Everyone in my house was grouchy and being around them was giving me a headache. The food was eh, okay. Nothing too great but not totally… Continue reading

Finally Friday

It is FINALLY FRIDAY!!! The work day today went by so slow it was insane. Like what felt like 2 hours was actually only 20 seconds. So horrible. But now the week is… Continue reading

Thursday Slowday

This week just wants to finish off at a creepingly slow pace. Once again today just creeped on by. Really week…can’t we just get to Friday and be done with you? Jeez. I… Continue reading

Is It Really ONLY Wednesday??

It feels like it should be at least Thursday night. Even better, Friday night. But no…it is only Wednesday. We had no heat in the office today for the 2nd day in a… Continue reading

Day 12

The office at work today had no heat all day long. Talk about being miserably cold all day. Ugh. It sucked so bad. I kept putting off eating lunch because I was so… Continue reading


Another Monday has come to an end. I am so tired already. Is it Friday yet? And, I am SOOO OVER this cold weather!!! I’ve been over it since it started but now,… Continue reading