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Americana in Epcot

While touring the Countries in Epcot, many visitors enjoy tasting foods from around the world.  Whether it be pastries in Norway or caramel in Germany, many visitors flock to Epcot to try it… Continue reading


Whenever we visit Disney, my goal is to make a mecca to one of the most amazing food items on this planet.  Many times this does not occur but when it does, watch… Continue reading


We spent a full day at Epcot in Disney World.  I totally love Epcot.  It is by far my favorite park and place to go in Disney.  When lunch time rolled around, we… Continue reading

My Friend Earl

We spent this past weekend in Disney World with some of our family from Cincinnati.  We had a fabulous time and did some wonderful eating while we were there.  I had been counting… Continue reading

Tacos for All

Mexican Food is my favorite cuisine. Well, I don’t know if I can say Mexican food…it is probably more Americanized Mexican. Not quite Tex-Mex but, not quite purely Mexican. I am half Mexican… Continue reading

That Game Was on Thursday

This past weekend we ventured the 35-minute drive to the nearest Buffalo Wild Wings to eat and watch the USF Game. We only chose to drive so far away because BWW was one… Continue reading

A Naples Tradition

I am not normally a fan of the Blizzard of the Month nor do I normally run to Dairy Queen to try it right away. When I visit Dairy Queen, a Blizzard is… Continue reading

Labstah Labstah

Sometimes you try a restaurant for the first time and you really just don’t like it. It may not be too bad but, it just wasn’t what you were expecting. Every so often,… Continue reading

Best Sub E V E R

The best sub I have ever had came from Penn Station East Coast Subs in Cincinnati. Oh. My. Gosh. Amazing. Delicious. Spectacular. Words cannot truly describe how great this sub is. The first… Continue reading

Best Wings USA

I have often times seen food shows displaying Quaker Steak and Lube but, until our recent trip to Cincinnati, had never eaten at one. Quaker Steak is known for their wings and boast… Continue reading